Day 1 Haiti job site House #214 & #215

David Cox, Celeste Cox, Jim PetersGetting into Leogane and Haiti was interesting. The poverty is amazing and the aftermath of the earthquake is indescribable. So many people are still living in tents, with rubble and contaminated water just next to their tents. Children are bathing in the streets and the food markets are just next to the waterways filled with garbage. Although it seems hopeless, the Haitians are very resilient and ho ful for a better future. Our homeowner was Mika and she was teaching us lots of Creole French words. Hammer is “Frappe” Today we finished the walls and trusses on two homes. Our team is great and hardworkers. We have several from the Denver affiliate and others from NY, and the east coast. The children are so happy and give us thumbs up. We have ten buses full and every morning we are escorted by an ambulance and police and the secret service. The special guests here are Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Former President Carter and his wife Rosalynn. Yes, Sofia, I got a picture with all of them and your Flat Stanley will hopefully send pictures later this week if I can get them downloaded. Very limited access here.
The homes are 14 x 14 and 200 sq.ft. They are just a one room home, but it is better than most of the population here have.
Will give you another update tomorrow.
Its quite hot here, cold showers and the tents are OK, we have fans and mosquito nets, but the heat is still bearing on the job site.

Talk to you again tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “Day 1 Haiti job site House #214 & #215”

  1. Celeste, your descriptions are spot on of my recollections, except I have not been back since the earthquake. Is Bill Clinton really there? I think you meant President Carter, rather than Clinton, since you referred to his wife, Rosalyn. They are such an awesome example of humility and servant leaders.

    I will continue to pray for you. Be sure to drink lots of water. Keep up the good work.

    Ann Chappell

  2. Ok I found the rest of the work days. That must have been so amazing to see the homes go up with the tents just across the street.

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