Haiti Day #5

The final day has arrived and we celebrate at 11 in remembrance of our Veterans. In the US we celebrate Veterans and in Canada it is Remembrance Day. We had a special ceremony with the US and Canadian flags complete with red poppies. Then we had a moment of silence at 11:11. The Irish and Haitians flags then joined in the celebration. An Irish group called The Haven cooked for us all week and came a week earlier to set up camp and build 50 homes.
Now we have 150 homes complete in the development. At 3 pm we dedicated the homes to the families and took photos with President and Rosalyn Carter. We held a dedication ceremony for our two families: Mika and Arlene who both lost their homes in the earthquake. They are currently living in the tent field across the road and were so happy.
Well have a slide show tonight and then up at 3 am to catch our flights home. Will give more of a recap tomorrow.


One thought on “Haiti Day #5”

  1. We had a great lead and a great crew. It was hard work under tough condition but sooooooo very worth it. This is just a drop in the bucket. Habitat can’t do it all but they can set the bar high for others willing to help.

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