Day 2

Today we had an early flight with only 18 seats on the from la ceiba to puerto lempira.
We arrived at Send Hope the orphanage. There are 45 children here. Dr Bryan is here seeing patients in his clinic on site. He gave us a tour of the facility which has a school, guest accommodations, a clinic and guest house. The power goes off frequently but it is great.
We went to see our job site and met our very excited homeowner Carla and her son Carlitos. They were very excited.
We also saw the first habitat house which had 11 children and was located on the lagoon. Habitat here gives each homeowner a water filtration bucket for clean water.
We toured through downtown Puerto lempira. We ate frozen coconut milk and went to the super mercado.
On the way back, we visited Mama Tara’s orphanage. They had 28 kids, no running water, and no electricity.
Chickens and an outdoor stove.
We had pastalones for dinner that are like empanadas. The ladies cook all the food here.
The weather is beautiful tonight with a breeze. The temp is mid 70s.

What an amazing day.






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