Day 3

Blog from Sheila and Richard and team.
It rained really hard today. Rain stops roosters from crowing at 2 am. And many other times.
We made progress on sorting clothes at the orphanage. We taught the kids to play red light green light and the girls decorated our hair with red tropical flowers.
Some of us went to Mass at the Catholic Church and saw the IHS doctor team
The trip to the lagoon was beautiful with pines trees. We rode in the gator and pickup. (All twelve of us)
When we arrived, the waves were high. Jim, Larry, Jill and Celeste swam in the waves and body surfed.
Osiris, the exec dir for Habitat, brought his children and lots of local children came to see us. They love having their photos taken. We had watermelon and pineapple. The pigs and chickens ate the skin…no composting needed. Gustavo, our guide, cut the pineapple and asked a local kid to borrow a knife. He ran through the trees with a knife for us. SCARY
On the way back we picked up a woman, her infant and her 4 yr old to take them to the hospital. She breastfed her baby on the way to the hospital.
Breakfast was pancakes, lunch was local fish and plantains, dinner red beans and rice with goat cheese and homemade bread.
The wind is still blowing as we start our devotional. The electricity came on as we finished dinner and tomorrow we build.









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