Day 4

Dennis Heydanek
We were blessed with a breezy cool day. Red dirt got in our socks, we tossed cinder blocks. We danced on dirt to make it firm. And then our muscles burned.
A full rainbow said job well done as we finished 5 1/2 courses of cinder block fun.
El bano was completed which we rejoiced.
Mike had three bites and has not passed Thursdays dinner.
Our guide Gus, finally gave us our orientation. We’ve called him our drill Sargent.
William, our house leader, dropped the bucket in the well after he told Celeste how easy it was to draw the water.
David fished it out with a hammer and wire.
We had a delicious dinner, tostadas and lunch was rice, beef, water squash and carrots. Breakfast was sweet rice with milk.
It was a very productive day and well sleep well knowing we provided a safe, decent, affordable home.






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