Day 5

Today these OLD people built the house all the way to the 11 th and last row. And some other Old people played in the mud.
Larry P jumped off the wall and had a big fall, but we put him back together again. Thanks to Jim P.
We discovered today that the two existing houses have 6 people each living in them. One has a newborn baby 3 months old.
Carla and Carlitos made us tortillas for lunch and Carlitos loves Oreos.
Tom posted a pic of a rooster and said that we wanted to hire a hit man for it.
We took shelter under the house three times due to rain, but we still beat the record for the fastest house built in Honduras. We were recognized by Habitat Honduras in amazement.
After a long hard day the kids wanted to play the game we taught them duck, duck, dog ( pato pato pero) Celeste couldn’t remember the word for goose.






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