Day 8

The final day!!

Catching up on last night….the rooster wrangler gang, Celeste, Mike, and Larry Horner caught all the roosters and locked them in the pen. One great nights sleep finally, one more night and we finally figured it out.

Two horses were running near the job site today. They had lots of energy.

Roofed the house, front and back steps and a floor. Mucho mixing of the mezcla. Well all be sore. We mixed five tons of concrete by hand…no electric mixers here. Not including 600 concrete blocks which each weigh 25 pounds each.

All the children from the surrounding houses came to the site. We played duck, duck, goose with them. Pato, pato, ganzo. And gave them dulces.

The finale came at 3:30 when we celebrated with Carla and Carlitos and dedicated the home. Lots of people came for the final fiesta. We presented three fruit trees, noni (mulberry), mango and orange, a bible in Moskitia language and a photo collage of our team.

Habitat International presented certificates to all of us to thank us for our help this week.

Rodrigo was his normal self today. Lots of energy. Angelica, Mia, Naomi and Michael wanted to swing all evening.

Tonight Osiris made Puerto Lempira lobster. It was yummy. The kids always welcome us home, what a perfect end to a perfect work week.









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