Day 9

This morning we woke up and took our luggage to the airport, across the dirt runway. For breakfast we had Baleadas. English translation is bullet.
The name came from the pinto beans and the men thought the beans were hard as bullets.

Our experiments on the roosters made us deduct that roosters have to be tied and laying down to not crow.

As we boarded the plane to La Ceiba a man getting off the plane was handcuffed and taken away in the back of a pickup with an armed guard.
We then an hour drive to Tela Mar.

Along the roadside there was meat hanging on open roadside markets including a pig head. (It’s 88 degrees today…fresh warm meat.) uck

At the entrance to Tela Mar there was concrete block and masons laying brick . We thought it was a trick.

Larry torpedoed Lisa on the pool slide.
It is a beautiful beach, hot showers and great food.

The Caribbean Sea is very warm and the sun was beautiful with an amazing sunset.

We got to see a wedding on the beach.

We are now all trying to imitate the roosters crow.

We’ve had our closing ceremony with Amazing Grace.

What will you do? We are ready for our next challenge ahead with Gods blessing.






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