13 to travel to Honduras to Build Habitat home and Classrooms for Orphanage – Send Hope

In just three weeks, North Collin County Habitat for Humanity will send a team of 13 to Puerto Lempira, Honduras to build a Habitat home for a grandmother and 12 children that she cares for.

We’ll also be building classrooms for the orphanage, Send Hope.  

Those attending include: Michael Anderson, Jill Bissell, Celeste & David Cox, Connie and Sid Gibson, Kevin Krantz, Jim & Connie Peters, Larry & Lisa Pietenpol, Gabrielle Shaw and David Winter.


This photo was taken at the last team meeting.

Left to right: Michael Anderson, Jill Bissell, Lisa Pietenpol, Celeste and David Cox, Connie Gibson and Yuma who is here from Puerto Lempira for treatments at Scottish Rite Hospital.


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