On the Plane and Day One

Our team has successfully boarded the plane at DFW. Headed to Houston first then Honduras. A military guy on the plane had medical issues so we got into the gate early as paramedics met the plane. The flight was full so Connie and Sid’s bags got checked. Sadly Sid had left his passport in his bag.
9:08 am
The agents had to search through his bag to find his passport but luckily they found it and we all safely made it to Houston and are heading to San Pedro Sula.
Arrived in San Pedro and were greeted with a familiar face…..Gustavo and Luis. Now a three hour bus ride to la Ceiba.

2 days ago Honduras had an election. 9 parties were running. Juan Orlando Hernandez won. Many call him Juan Robando. Feb 1st will be the first day of school. This will occur without strikes because the minister of education was reappointed, Marlon Escoto. He rules by the books and doesn’t tolerate strikes.

We had many near misses of trucks passing on a two lane road, saw many palm and banana trees and a really cool way of distributing food …a traveling grocery store. Pickups mount speakers on top and drive through the neighborhoods with loud speakers. They sell pineapples, potatoes etc out of the back of their trucks. They ask what’s for dinner and sell what’s needed for the meal.

We made it to hotel around 5:30 and dinner will be at 7:00. Hanging out by the pool until dinner







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