Lagoon Day 3

Today we went to Mistruc. A lagoon 24 kilometers away. There were 19 adults and 21 children in two pickup trucks.
We swam in the lagoon. The water was warm. Osiris had a jet ski and several of us got to ride the waves. Then one of the local children climbed a coconut tree and we had fresh coconut milk. It was amazing. Osiris had a jet ski at the lagoon so several of us got to ride. For dinner we had pastellitos which are like a fried pie with potatoes, meat carrots cheese. They were covered with a tomato sauce green peppers.

Larry, Lisa and David stayed at the orphanage and hung doors and fixed screen where they were broken to keep out the mosquitos.

Now we are downtown Puerto lempira watching the Super Bowl in Spanish at a Supermarket. We left just after the Bruno Mars halftime show just about 10 minutes before they lost the signal.

Tomorrow we start work.












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