Global Village 2015 to Honduras

We are so excited to return again to Honduras.  Meet our team members and pray for us while we travel to Puerto Lempira.  We’ll be building a home for a single lady that cares for 12 children.  What a blessing it will be for her to have a safe place for her family.

Team members include: Michael Anderson, Terry Bush, Celeste & David Cox, Doug, Shari and Stefanie Foster, Connie and Sid Gibson, Paul Herrington, Dennis Heydanek, Kevin Krantz, Kelly Tekavec, and David Winter.

Follow us here.  Our newest team member is Kelly and her pic is below. Keep Steve in your prayers as he won’t be able to join us this year due to the illness of his mother.

Blessings, Celeste

kellyhonduras 15 collage


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