Copan Mayan Ruins

Here at Copan we saw the Jicaro tree with gourds, and a Aquacate tree which means testicle tree.

At the Ruins we learned about the Mayans.
The Rulers portrayed in the totem pole stone were:
13th aching rabbitt
14th smoke monkey
15th smoke snail
16th rising sun

We visited the game arena. The game was played with two teams…5 members on a team. With one rubber ball. Poke a toc is the name of the game. The Winning captain loses his head as sacrifice to God.

We saw lots of Macaws. The Macaw and Jaguar were animals of the sun.

National geographic filmed here “lost kingdom of the Mayans.” There is a Video of the game on the documentary.

The largest sampling of Mayan history is on the temple with 63 steps with hieroglyphics. There are 2002 enscriptions and 6 kings are represented.

We then went to the tea and coffee shop. We had Noni tea. The Fruit smells bad, but known to cure cancer. There was a Moringa tree. High in vitamins and nourishment.

The Guapinol is a tree with fruit that is ground and made into powder that’s brownish white. They mix it with water and milk ….its a drink used by Mayans and children as snacks.


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