Meeting the Homeowner

Today we arrived in Puerto Lempira. We got to meet the family and start work on her home. The mom is Maria Isabel, she’s 39 years old and has some amazing hard working children. Mabel is 18, Abel 17, Mevy 15, Clifford 13, two children died, then came Alsi 8 ,Ramon 7, Marco 4, and Christian 4 months.
Her home will be near Instituto Abundante founded by Alex and Laura Waits. Tomorrow they will celebrate their one year anniversary. It’s really cool that we were here when it started and now again one year later.
Currently our homeowner is living in a storage shed next to the new school we built the fence for last year. It’s very bad conditions.

We got to see all the kids at Send Hope and the new additions. The new school is amazing.

On the Habitat home we moved all the concrete blocks down the road and a huge pile of sand. We also started the wall and have three rows of block complete.

Today was a great day!! Can’t wait for tomorrow. We’re all a little redder and a lot more tired but it’s all worth it.












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