Day 5 job site

Today was an awesome day. We made it to the seventh level of block. We divided into two teams. One at the Habitat house and one at Send Hope. They were building a wall in the old classrooms so the kids can have a playroom. The kids loved having their pictures taken and they learned the longhorn sign. It’s also not uncommon here to see a young kid carrying around a machete.

I finally remembered why our homeowner, Maria Isabel looks so familiar. Two years ago, she lived in tiny rental rooms across from Carla’s house. Every day she would come and ask for a house for her children. They came to the dedication of Carla’s house and had cake with us. Now, two years later, she is going to have a home.

We moved many more wheelbarrows of sand , mixed mortar, went to another job site to get scaffolding. It was really heavy. Dennis likened it to the cross that was carried. We also had our pounding party to pack in the floor.

Vida Abundante celebrated the first year today with a big celebration. We went to tour the new school room and added kitchen. My how it has grown in a year. There are now 120 kids there. 7th and 8th grade. They select children of pastors, economic hardships, and children from remote areas. They serve them breakfast and lunch. School full days start tomorrow. Today they got their uniforms.

Osiris’ wife is now teaching at the school and she loves it. She came by the job site today to see us after school.

We also visited Laura’s house that we built last year and saw Nikelka. The kitchen hasn’t progressed any. She wasn’t home.

Tonight we heard some of Katrina’s stories of her many years here in Honduras. She has sold her home to the narco and is building a new home to the west of Casa Esperanza on the lagoon. She will be downsizing in her new home. Children and space.

David and Terry led the devotional and we discussed the foundation in our lives.
The power was off all day, so all the dental work was done after 6 pm. It’s 9:30 and the power saws are going at a project nearby while the electricity is on. Never mind, the power just went off. I guess you have to make do with what you have and here there is very little. Thank God for our many blessings and watch over those in La Moskitia.












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