Day 7 job site

Today we had women build day.DSCN3801 DSCN3804 DSCN3810 DSCN3815 DSCN3819 DSCN3826 DSCN3827 DSCN3829

We built all the trusses and windows. We painted the window with white watery paint.
The guys continued to work on the wall in the classrooms and at the two house the two peaks were built. Several hit their physical walls today and Stefanie was not feeling well.

Tomorrow we finish the house and have a dedication ceremony. We are sad that Tom and Ann are leaving in the morning and will miss the dedication. Another team arrives here Saturday. They are the medical team.

Katrina took some of us to tour the prison and the hospital. There were babies with tuberculosis and preemies. The showers and bathroom were dump a bucket to flush or pour a bucket to shower. Shari commented that it didn’t seem like it could be sanitary. Katrina told us when she had her baby they handed her husband a bag with the placenta and told him to bury it or feed it to the dogs…..ugh.

We went to the store to get more Gatorade and stop by Patricia’s house to see where she lived. It was a long, narrow, dark walkway with concrete block walls high on both sides with a small house at the back above a place where there used to be a pig sty. Her mom was dressed in black because when someone in your family dies, you wear black for a year in mourning. Her son was shot in front of the grocery store 4 months ago…it was very sad. I think he stole someone’s cell phone.

The prison had a young man in solitary confinement because he had tuberculosis. He was up high with bars in a small room. He said he was really hungry. It was heartbreaking. Several inmates were making fishing nets to sell. In the past year they have built giant concrete block walls to replace the sheet metal walls. It looks much stronger now.

Dr Tom and Ann did lots of dental work and cleaned all the kids in the orphanages teeth. Gaby continued gathering paperwork for home applicants. She finally ended with 4 complete applications.

Walter just had a baby girl, she is two months old, her name is Trinity since she is the third child. Now there’s Angelica, Zoe, and a new sister. Hopefully I’ll get to see her.

Dogs are barking, roosters crowing, another sleepless night.

Final day in Puerto Lempira.


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