Final Day

Today we beat the Costa Rican record and finished all Interior and exterior walls in 11 1/2 hours. The homeowner was so surprised when she returned from work!  Thanks heavens for our two Nathan’s aka los dos Rambos. Jasmin, the homeowner daughter, stayed with us all day and helped with the build.

We learned how to make Empanadas. And we had a piñata for all the kids in the neighborhood.

There was a grapefruit tree next to the lot and “Woody” picked some fresh grapefruit for us! It was delicious.

Lunch was delicious and we had fresh fruit for a morning snack.  There are regular bananas and square bananas.

We also saw several large iguanas and a plant that closes when you touch it.

On the way back we stopped and got a Churchills.  It’s a specialty here. It has snow cone ice, powdered milk, condensed milk and creme. Very sweet. We also had some fresh coconut.

Another first, no one has gotten sick….just very sore

We said goodbye to the Costa Rican team and they presented our certificates of thanks. @habitattithe. @ncchabitat. @habitatcostarica @chasmassey @graysonhabitat. @abilenehabitat. @amahabitat. @habitattexas



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