Meeting the families and starting the foundation 

This morning we headed to the job site and had an opening ceremony with all 14 families that will live in this new development. We are fortunate to start the first home.

Lots of digging as the lot is the side of a hill.  It will be stairstepped up for each house with a common parking area.

One of the girls named Natalie is 13. She is letting us use her bathroom.  She gathered all the children together and they came to the tent to color and play games with Sofia. She brought a soccer ball and they had a lot of fun.

Here are pics of what the house will look like and the plans.

We were visited by a very tame bird called Benito. I think he was their pet! There was also a giant iguana on top of the wall. #habitathonduras @ncchabitat #thriventfinancial #doingGodswork


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