Mayan Ruins 

Today we went to see the ancient Mayan Ruins.  Guided by Marvin. The Mayans in this area had 16 Kings. The first King in 426 ad was Josh Kuk mo and the 16th in 822 ad was Rising Sun. (Jos fa sa chen Yopa) translated First Sun into the Stormy heaven.

Only the elite Mayans were the temple builders as it took very strong mathematics to create the structures.  They used local materials to carve the stone such as flint, granite, and obsidian.

The trees in the area were useful, Ceiba made canoes and fig trees made paper.

At the entrance there were beautiful Macaws. 

As we entered the archaeological site there were lots of symbols. The monkey faces symbolized death and faced toward the underworld.

On the largest pyramid there were 63 steps and 2200 inscriptions that tell all about important events.  It was built by the 13, 14 and 15th kings. The 13th- 18 rabbits was the greatest king. The 14th was smoke monkey and 15th smoke snail.

The Mayan numbers had 0, 1s and 5s.

Other interesting facts -ek chua was the God of Chocolate. The tree symbolizes leaves-heaven, trunk -life, roots-death. The colors prevalent in the stones of the temples were Red-sun, blue-war, sacrifice, Venus and yellow -moon, medicine, illness. This was an amazing tour. We all want to watch Apocalypto with Mel Gibson that was filmed here.

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