Clinic and more foundation

Today we visited Rodger Harrison’s Clinica La Esperanza.  It was very interesting to see how the Doctor has adapted to working with people that can’t read their prescriptions. He is also making a very easy to understand meal plan for his patients with check boxes so they can have the right nutrition.  

Roger made fresh toast and limeade for us and showed us his artwork from Edgar Zelaga.  One of the paintings showed the story of Fabian and Chepe. Locals that were unique characters. She was blind and he always held her hand.  When he would drink beer if she smelled it she would beat him with her cane.  Many other photos in his home were done by Zelaga or his students.

On the job site the guys brought gloves for the masons and they were so thankful.  We continued working on the foundation. 

We had a special dinner guest at Casa de Todo…..Gustavo!!

Devotionals and off to bed. Tomorrow is la fiesta!! @ncchabitat #thriventfinancial #livegenerously #habitathonduras


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