Final day, Fiesta, Rotary President

Today was the final day on the site. Our work this week put them ahead two weeks on the project of 14 homes to be done by June.

We had a fiesta with a piñata, cake, food and a special treat of the partner families and a marimba!!

It was a great end to a fabulous week!

This afternoon we met the Rotary president Marco Aurelio Torres Guerra.  Their club has 18 members in district 4250. They partner with IPA Rotary clubs from Washington D.C.  They do adopt a village, water, latrines, eco-stoves (800), adoptadream which sponsors 1500 kids transportation to school ($25 a year) school uniforms $100 Lempira – $4 each child. Adopt a school for 26 communities k-9 and provide a medical fund, books, teachers, and desks.  They are also doing pilas for 45 families with a bathroom, washboard and water holding area.

The Rotary club provided all the water to the Habitat site and are great partners. #habitathonduras @ncchabitat #thriventfinancial


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