Job Site day 2

We continued bringing in dirt for the floors. Miguel kept making triangles for the rebar. Geralyn and Celeste became masons and built two interior walls. James and David were tampers on the dirt. Mike made rebar and moved dirt.

Here’s pics of the progress.

We also made plenty of trips to Gladys house (our bathroom for the week). On one trip we met a little boy named Juan carrying a machete. He posed for a pic!

The Moto taxi parked right on the front porch at Gladys house. Tonight we are going out to dinner.

The dirt pile was pretty far from the house so we moved a lot of dirt. Our house leader is Daniel and his assistant is Jesus. Monday was Jesus first day on the job.

Tonight we went to Casa Hotel Celaque for dinner. The mountains were in the background. It was beautiful.

What a beautiful night!!


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