Job Site Day 3

Today we continued on the walls and floors. We switched up teams and trained Miguel and James on being masons. We all worked really well together as a team. Daniel and Jesus (the masons) we’re pleased with our work!! Great news is no one has gotten sick!!! James the giant could reach the wall without scoffolding, so he was a great block setter.

Fany came by to see her house and brought chocolate cake. She was thrilled at the progress. She told us more about her life. Her husband is from Cuba and trained as a pediatrician. He is currently doing his one year free residency and working consulting jobs to earn some money. Right now he’s working at the jail doing HIV testing. They met in Gracias Lempira at a birthday party and got married in Cuba. He is working towards his citizenship in Honduras. #thriventactionteam

After we left job site, we went to La Campa which is know for its pottery.

La Campa has 8,000 population and their major industry is Pottery and coffee.

We met the City Secretary – Bacillio Pascuala who told us about his town.

The church was built in 1720 – St Matthias. St Matthews in English.

On Feb 15-20 they celebrate their saint with a fair and dances and traditional music with drums. 1,000s of people come. The first church built was Hermita church -it was known as a cemetery for kids. We then toured a pottery home and met a sweet lady named Desideria She told us her story. She’s been making pottery since age 12 and has been doing it for 52 years.


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