“Somos albaniles” – We are masons! Building walls and eliminating barriers.

Today we have a guest blogger. Jose Handal from Habitat Honduras. #habitathonduras. #thriventactionteam

I asked the chance to write the blog today for two reasons; one as part of the staff of Habitat Honduras, to formally thank the Affiliate of Collin County, Texas for the support they have given our program through the years. The second reason had a vested interest. Two years ago I hosted Celeste and her group for a week in Copan Ruinas, it was my first time as host and they set the bar very high. Welcoming them again this year felt more like a friend’s gathering.

Today was the last build day, and the team continued to perform admirably, even after the whistle signaling the end of the work for the day. Not that the team was prone to munity, on the contrary, the whistled just blew before they were done and they simply wouldn’t leave the task unfinished.

We also had the opportunity to meet Fabian Pardo, the homeowner, born in Cuba but nationalized as a Honduran due to his love for Fany. He arrived at the site early in the morning to meet us and even lent a hand here and there.

The regional office from Copán, managed by Maricela Llendos, organized a farewell ceremony that moved to the beat of a marimba. The short program started with Fany leading the attendees in prayer, then the moving words from Fabian as homeowner. After the diplomas and souvenirs for the teams were given, the music played until it was time for another surprise, a little piñata that became the thrill of the several kids who attended.

All in all it was a great day. When we arrived on Monday, the site only had a couple of walls up and the floors were not done. In only five days, the site look more like a house, with all the walls up, just awaiting the overhead beam to set the roof.

Once again, my thanks to Celeste, David, Gerelyn, James, Mike, and Miguel, for their labor of love for our five-star country.


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