Cultural Day

On Saturday we toured the Mayan ruins.

Here there are 24 square miles of ancient civilizations and 9 different neighborhoods. About 27,000 people lived here during the height of the Mayans. Our tour guide was Juan Carlos Calderon.

The Mother civilization were the Olmecs in 1400 b.c. Then 400 b.c. Maya’s attacked the Olmecs and the last 16th Mayan king (Rising Sun) ruled until 822 a.d

We toured through the tunnels in which you could see previous pyramids in near perfect condition. It was fascinating. Every 52 years the Mayans would build a new City on top of the old one. This is when the sun calendar and moon calendar aligned.

After the ruins, we ate lunch and then went to see Habitat Maya which is where we built last time we were here. The homes look amazing. Sandra was living in the house we laid the foundation on. She had our team photo on the wall and remembered us. We also got to visit Our friends Natali, Daniela and Melida and brought them some gifts.

Maricela took us to see the improvement project that had eco stoves, latrines, sink and whitewash.

I forgot to mention previously that we have two Michael’s on this trip. To make it easier, one became Miguel!

For dinner we ate at a German restaurant called Sol de Copan owned by Thomas Wagner from Bavaria. He came to visit Copan 23 years ago and his wife Elsa served him breakfast and he’s been here ever since. Jose arranged for fireworks for our closing night and we had a great last nights rest with a 5 am wake up call with more fireworks. Amazing trip.


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