Reflections from the team


James Donaldson

This trip has been an amazing experience for me. I have seen so much. My feelings are much like the terrain here, up and down. From the low of seeing such poverty to the high of meeting such wonderful, happy, and gracious people. This land and it’s people are so beautiful that I have trouble putting my experience into words. I only wish we could have done more than we did. I wish we could have spent more time with the people we met. I am so grateful to these people for allowing me to see this land and it’s people. I thank God for the opportunity to have this experience with my fellow teammates.


This was my first time traveling on an International Hábitat build and the entire experience was everything I could have hoped for…and more. We were provided a great opportunity to advance the construction process of a new single family home and it was very fulfilling to see the progress we were able to make in just one week. The family seemed very grateful and it was also wonderful to be able to connect with them on a personal level.

Like so many parts of the world, Honduras has a tremendous need for more help and support, but ultimately it will only happen “one starfish at a time. Thanks to Celeste, Jose, everyone on our team and everyone from Habitat for helping and supporting us…and I look forward to returning again!


I volunteered to go to Honduras with Habitat for two reasons: first, Celeste Cox asked me to go . Second, as a parent (and originally a kid:) home has always been important to me.

It literally breaks my heart when I think about families who don’t have a home – or live in truly dire circumstances.

So I went to Honduras “to give back”. To help build a home.

What I didn’t anticipate was the genuine joy and loving nature of the men, women and children we were there “to help”. These amazing people are “wanting” in so many material ways (running water, sewer, electricity) and yet they have an amazing strength of spirit and heart!

We were welcomed into homes, we were prayed for and we were thanked.

I was there to help and ended up receiving the greater blessing.


Looking back, the biggest thing I see is the vast need for adequate housing. We were able to contribute a week on a home to help a family. The good thing is that Habitat Honduras is reaching throughout the country addressing the vast needs. It is a huge task. On the previous build, we were able to start the foundation of one house, and Habitat finished the rest of the development. The key in that is they were contracting Hondurans, which assists with another issue, jobs……win, win.
Habitat Honduras is self sustaining through the fund for Humanity (mortgage payments), which should be a model to the rest of Central America.
The beauty of the country stands out over everything.
I enjoyed working and getting to know our crew. We worked as a team, getting the job done. A great bunch of people.
Ready to go again…….


This year was very special to me because our build fell during the Lenten season.  I love to take time to reflect on why we do what we do everyday.  Taking this time away from office work, school, kids and general busyness to see those that are in such need filled my heart knowing that we continue to serve those with the greatest need through our labor of love and our sweat.  We had an amazing team that worked really hard and shared many special moments.  It seemed as though we were coming home to see familiar faces: Jose from Habitat Honduras, the homeowners in Copan at Habitat Maya from our last build and a special reconnection with Melida, Natali and Daniella who we met last year. We also got to know our new team members more intimately and connected with a medical team, and of course Fany and Faubion, our new homeowners.  The joy on their faces and warmth in their heart made the whole week worth it.  I wish I could stay here forever to continue to do God’s work, but I know that his work is everywhere we go.  Until next time, Love to Honduras.



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