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Honduras Team

Honduras Team

Here is the team that will be traveling to Honduras…..
back row David Cox, David Winter, Larry Pietenpol, Jim Peters, Kevin Krantz, Sid Gibson
Front row. Celeste Cox, Gabrielle Shaw, Jill Bissell, Connie Peters, Lisa Pietenpol, Connie Gibson


Day 10

team resized honduras

We finished the home in 5 days, had an amazing dedication ceremony.
Cheers to all those in Puerto Lempira that help make everyone’s lives a little easier everyday.

We have a special place in our hearts.

We all made it safe back to the US and are missing all our friends and the children in Puerto Lempira.

Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter to speak to us

Tonight we had an amazing opening ceremony featuring Former president Jimmy Carter and Rosalyn Carter. They will be documenting our progress this week at habitat.org/cwp/2011
5 days, 400 volunteers, 100 new houses, 34 1/2 acres of field comprising the Santo work site, 4 Carters-Jimmy, Rosalynn, Chip and Jeff, 200 sq.ft. In each Habitat house, 27 years Habitat has been working in Haiti, 2 Delta flights chartered from Atlanta to Port-au-Prince. 7.0 magnitude of the earthquake that struck Haiti in January 2010, 50,000 Haitian families Habitat has pledged to assist over five years.