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Read about our Team Members

Meet our homeowner and our Team !!honudras home
Honduras T Shirt Front

These are the homes we will be building and this is the front of our shirts with the words from the local language.


Getting Ready For Honduras

I’d like to introduce you to the family that we will be building for in Honduras. We are getting very excited about going in a couple of weeks.

Thank you for your partnership !!

Michel Family
Mother´s name: Karla Michel
Son´s name: Carlos Alvarado Michel, 2.5 years old
Karla Michel lives in El Porvenir, Puerto Lempira. Karla and Carlos live with Karla´s mother since she has had difficult times finding a job. She used to work as a cook. Also, both Karla and Carlos are special needs persons; they were born with only 2 fingers in each hand. Karla´s mother is the one supporting them with living and food. They feel very happy and blessed that they are going to have a new home